About Us

About Decoimagination

Established in the year 2015 by Founders Duo and Principal Designers Priyanka & Ankit Drolia. DECOIMAGINATION offers interior-designing services to residential, office spaces, retail, and hospitality sectors.

We take pride in the design and delivery of projects that consistently exceed expectations and aims to build a long term relationship with its clientele. We believe that it’s not about the ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

At Decoimagination every challenge is treated as an opportunity that is given careful thought and consideration. The project brief is our guiding principle – it is our source of motivation and inspiration.

We believe in the flexibility of design styles to create a new environment to suit the client’s requirements and vision. Each space and or product embodies integrity and is created with the same care, skill, and attention to detail.

Everything it takes to give meaning to your space, from imagination to immersion Decoimagination provides it all. Transforming House to Home.